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2010-09-07 08:29:27 (UTC)

9/6/10 Monday

-woke up from a passed out night in bed with joe and dennis
next to me--where the hell is jack?
-jack told me johnny scratched the B, i got so mad, yelling
at jack and joe
-they took B back and jack and dennis brought lunch--i don't
like roast duck pork that much
-went back to sleep and got up at 3pm. watched a good
chinese movie while eating
-the customer from last night called wanting having dinner,
thought he was the owner of XingTao News so said
yes--actually wasn't sure which guy but well, just a dinner
-they left after the movie and i took a shower and drove to
pm to meet with him
-took me to Tiburon for dinner. didn't want to hold his
hands and stuff but well, i must did something to him last
night before i passed out
-the dinner was ok--dry salmon. he tried to kiss and touch
me in car but i pushed him away. on the way back, he asked
me straight up how much and spend the night with me tonight
or tmrw but i didn't say anything. took me back to car. it
wasn't looking good tonight--but i didn't want work tonight
anyways also thought jack was waiting for me
-only 2 rooms i could have sat 1 but i left to pick up jack
-but jack said he was tired and had weed so i asked him if
he still want come with me or go home, he said home--i was a
lil pissed but still took him back
-on the way home, he called said wanted to talk about
something on MSN, can't say it in front of my face. came
back, got online, turned out he wanted to ask me to be his
real gf--but how can i be with a guy 6 years younger than me
and sells weed and not even good at it and a TIGER!
-finally a night by myself, need do laundry and do tons of
things online. should call mom too but prob no gonna

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