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2010-09-07 03:42:41 (UTC)

Sister's Birthday

So, today was cool.

I've not written in a while, so I'll have to catch you
guys up.

So I'm on swim team now. I really like my team. Two of the
girls I already knew from other things. School. Friends of
friends. That type of thing.

Another girl used to be my little sister's best friend.
She's nice, but not really the type of person who I would
usually hang out with. But she's a phenomenal person.

Another two girls go to church with me. And no, I won't
disclose my religion. If you want you can ask about it,
and I might discuss it in a e-mail directly to you.

Other girls and I are getting along, and I like how they
just kinda accept me into the group. That makes me moreso
happy than anything else in these last two weeks, simply
because I was two weeks late in turning in my paperwork,
and they said that they might not keep me on.

But they did. And I like that because I have not really
been a part of a group in a while.


So anywash, on to the subject that I was origionally going
to write about before I got caught on swimming.

My eldest sister had a birthday today. It was pretty cool,
just because it was on a Monday, and I actually got to
sleep in today, just a bit. And then when I got home I
slept a little more.

And I just gave her her birthday present. Giradelli
chocolate, milk, with caramel in the middle.

Next to give her is the Birthday card. Which I'm fair
certain she will like, just because it's got batman, and
that's her favorite cartoon character.


So wish me luck, and I hope to see ya'll soon.



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