Bloody Kisses, And All That Come With Th
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2010-09-07 03:28:09 (UTC)

But I Don't Mind...

The last couple of weeks have been surreal... First my
family forgot my birthday, then my grandad dies, then I
start getting text messages from Canada, and I'm generally
seeing a lot more of the people I miss, and work is
smoothing out...

I know the last part wont hang about long, but I'll enjoy it
while it does.

Orders are coming in thick and fast for jewelery. Got seven
new orders, one of those is completed, a lot of those I'm
having to wait on rings for... One of my old orders is half-
finished cause I ran out of rings... at least two of the new
ones I can probably get done tomorrow. Should get done
tomorrow. well as going into work to start the price change that
they've given me days off I need to be there, to do, seeing
as they gave my CSA the week off for holiday, and haven't
given me anyone else to do it, and one of the other -two-
people in the business that know how to do it, is also on

I have staff complaining at me because the store manager
decided to start doing employee recognition... and awarded
it to one of his pets in the store, instead of someone who
deserved it (no, I don't mean me...), Katy. The girl comes
in to work on an hours notice when people don't bother to
turn up or call in sick, does anything she's asked,
supervises but doesn't get paid for it, her behaviour is
beyond reproach, she is one of the only people in store with
a genuine sick note from the doctor saying what she can and
can not do - and yet she doesn't complain, unlike the rest
of them. She doesn't spend all shift sneaking in extra
breaks and such, like the boss' pets do...
...and yet its them who get rewarded, and the hard workers
go un-noticed again.
Fun times.

I had an interview shortly after my grandad died... just
found out I haven't got the job.

Started a course at work in retail... essentially a
competency course. Should be done in four months, then onto
the supervisor's one.

Looking at jobs abroad. Anywhere, right now, would be good.

Things are still up and down... but mostly they're starting
to level out. Unfortunately, work is coming down on the bad
side of that again. I had hoped it would get better, but its
not looking likely.

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