Dr. Puppet

Bomb in a Birdcage
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2010-09-06 01:23:57 (UTC)


Not much to say about my day. I'm SO bored its pathetic.
Haven't cut since mom found out about it the other night.
She's been researching stuff bout cuttin and cutters a LOT
since then. She said that one way some ppl stop cutting is
by poopin their wrists with rubber bands or puttin an
icecube between ur thumb and pointer finger because they
both give a shock to ur system just like cuttin does.
Apparently most cutting is by white, teenage females that
are middle-class and high-achievers. Thats soooo ME!!!
mama found a Christian counselor but they haven't called
her back yet. I want to try goin to a support group too.
Who knows? It might help. Mom gave me some B12 vitamins
today cuz its supposed to make you happier and give you
more energy. It just made me hyper while i was still
really tired (which is a really weird feelin btw) and it
didn't make me happy at all. More updates later...

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