Starrix Tigerlily

Hope, Lies, and Magick
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2010-09-05 23:33:01 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I've been procrastinating my pile of homework. I mean,
why do it if it's a three day weekend? I seriously think
teachers have a competition to see who can give the most
homework without sending their students to the hospital
from exhaustion.
Anyway, yesterday was Corey and Kelly's party, but I
didn't go. I woke up a little late, and then babysat Nik,
which was a dream. He napped a lot and then Daddy watched
him for a bit. Anyway, I drew them both a picture each;
one of Kelly, pouting and looking cute; one of Corey,
sitting around in her PJs.
I haven't been eating lately. The gum I'm always
chewing, I've read, takes away one's appetite and tricks
their stomach into thinking they're full. I've been
shortened to two small meals a day, or just snacks. Mom
and Dad caught on, though, and are making me eat.
morP is coming up. morP is Prom backwards. You go
dressed crazily, and morP is usually themed. This year's
theme is Safari, so I'm going colored as a zebra. I have a
magician's vest, a white undershirt, dark shorts, black
and white leggings and shoes, and some black paint to
paint stripes on my arms and face. I'm thinking of using
my butterfly tatoos and just plastering those all over my
arms, but I imagine that would look horrible.
My birthday is coming up. I have no idea what to ask
for, what I would even want. I'm thinking of just asking
for some small things, colored pencils, gum, fingerless
black gloves.
Lots of Love,
Starrix Tigerlily