2010-09-05 21:20:24 (UTC)

i was bored anyone want to help edit it?

The little strawberry blonde, curly haired four
year old girl with her yellow white polka dotted, summer
dress, stood distracting herself with the many different
images that the puffy white daytime clouds made as they
slowly drifted across the sky, sometimes getting in the
way of the god like sun shining, almost still like,
lighting the passage to heaven. Looking down on a spitting
image of herself, was her mother every bit as lovely as
her daughter. Unlike her child’s very neatly dressed and
styled outfit, she wore Dickies pants, a black shirt with
her school name in the back and a panther on the front.
She was wearing her favorite two colored converse,
turquoise in the middle with baby blue on the sides; her
hair was perfectly straightened and stretched all the way
down to her neck, the only thing she had with her was her
prepaid boost flip phone inside her right front pocket.
Blocking out the gossiping community around her,
in the corner bus stop, where they waited patiently for
their ride, rose caressed her daughters’ elbow length
curls, and rapped her hand softly around Destiny’s tiny
paw like hand. As the bus made it’s way down the street
and to the stop, the small child took her curious eyes of
a cloud that seemed to look like sponge bob squared pants,
and noticed many of the people around, gawking at her and
her mother. “Momma? Why are people looking at us?” she
suspected. Rose looked at her daughter adoringly, and
knowing that she wouldn’t understand the whole teenage-mom-
thing, she settled for a not-so-wrong answer. “they wonder
why you’re beauty is like the sun when it’s setting,” she
quoted smiling exhilaratingly at her child. Destiny shook
her head side ways, denying her mothers explanation,
blushing as she looked away.
A concerned expression flew upon Rose’s face, as
she wondered if most children Destiny’s age act much older
than they really were, or was it just her little bundle of
The bus stopped in front of them, and made a loud
rusty halt, as id did, the not so quiet, whispering
people, all made rude comments on how long the bus took to
get there. When he opened the doors, the bus driver smiled
lovingly at the little girl, as she held her mothers hand.
He seemed like a very kind man, perhaps in his late
fifties or early sixties, and time had aged him well.
Destiny took interest in his Santa Clause like features,
like his long white beard that stretched down to his
chest, and his round full belly that you just want to rub
like a crystal ball. His wrinkles were clearly visible to
anyone joyful enough to glance his way, but they did not
hide fact that he seemed healthy and happily living, just
like Saint Nick himself.
When Rose placed coins in the entry box for her
daughter and herself, Destiny couldn’t help but smile back
at the man and wish him a good morning, as did her mother.
The old man chuckled, his rooster like neck swung sideways
when he did. “Well you two lovely ladies”, Destiny grinned
wider, “just make my day!” He exclaimed, in a small town
country voice. Rose pushed her daughter in front of her as
they made their way to the last seats of the bus, by the
back window, remembering that was her daughters favorite
Rose stared out the side window, as the houses and
trees past by, too quick to take into detail. She sighed
wondering if and when she’d have a real house with her
boyfriend Scott, then Destiny would finally have a
backyard to play in, and there would be no enraged
neighbors telling her she couldn’t ride her tricycle in
the parking lot. But Rose and Scott were still in high
school, they’re senior year to be exact, and they were
lucky to both have jobs, and a cheap, gate secured,
apartment. She changed her thoughts to the present. Her
sick grandpa lay dying in a hospital bed. His infected leg
had to be removed before the infection spread to his upper
body, and if it did, it’d be too late, she sighed, again,
just as Destiny climbed into her lap.
Rose put both arms around her daughters small
waist, always thinking about her safety. The small tot
inspected the clouds again, then she looked at her mother
and asked, “Momma don’t the clouds ever make you hungry?”
Her mother giggled and openly questioned, “why would they
make me hungry?” “well they always remind me of mash
potatoes.” Destiny explained. They laughed together then
silently waited for their stop.
Fifteen minutes later, Rose pulled the string for
the driver to stop, he did, and opened the doors for the
girls to be on there way. She fixed her daughters’ dress,
and picked her up, carrying her, on her hip, towards the
front exit of the bus. They said goodbye to the bus
driver, who asked to be called Charles, and hoped they’d
meet again. Once the two were off the bus, they waved
goodbye to Charles, the only one who seemed pleased to
wave back, and made they’re way towards the entrance of
the zoo.
“Momma can I keep one of the animals I like?”
Destiny asked. “Of course not, they belong to the zoo.”
Rose replied. “but I want to take an animal home as a pet.
I’ll take care of it and feed it and help it grow.”
Destiny pushed. “Destiny a pet is not for you to keep as a
toy, they need love too.” Rose said. “but they don’t know
me enough to love them”, she stated. “Destiny, love is a
gift, “ Rose informed, squeezing her daughter closer to
herself, “but it feels like a treasure.” She let her go
and placed her down, smiling again at the apple of her
eye, as they walked as calmly as the wind, to the door
with an exaggerated “Entrance” sign on top of it.
A vibrating sound, signaling a text message, was
heard coming out from Rose’s front right side pocket. She
took it out slowly, smiling as Destiny eyed the phone that
interrupted her entrance in “animal land”, as she once
called it. “Who is it momma?” Destiny asked. “It’s just
daddy,” Rose replied, her eyebrows pulling together, as
she read Scotts name on the screen, hoping everything was
all right. “You said he was gonna go to work after he took
food for granpa?” Destiny questioned, taking in concern
her mothers reaction. “I know…” she said, almost
“Im @ the Hospital…im srry…its ur grandpa he had a
heart attack…”