The Real Me
2010-09-05 02:55:18 (UTC)

Need to sleep

I dont feel motivated to do anything today. I dont know
why...i should really go to bed its nearly 4am. But Im not
feeling at peace. I want to do something just duno what it is.
Maybe i suffer from depression? I duno =|

So im sitting next to the wall staring at this screen whilst
listening to Lilly Allen Smile. I move into my flat in two
weeks. Before that I have a stone to lose ha...i pigged out
like mad today dont even wana count the calories its
disgusting. Im going job hunting in canary warf tomorow good
times eh, I could do with a hug right now. God im so pathetic
I really cant live without a man in my life I just need to
learn. Theres nooo drama what so ever in my life...usually I
hate drama but right now i need a little...anything to
distract me from feeling just so...demotivated/down or
whatever you call it.