2010-09-04 23:09:59 (UTC)

my bf sucks....

My a total whore, he flirts with girls

last night i was talking to someone who he was friends with
before he moved to Martinsburg, and he always tells her i
love you, and if he lived in Arkansas again, that he would
be the first girl he would kiss..

he has always told me that this girl Rhiannon and him used
to like each other, but he dosen't like her anymore...she
got really upset when she found out we were dating,,and he
had to make her feel better about it...but now he always
comments on her pictures that she is soo pretty,that her
face reminds her of an angel..he calls me his little angel..

and he always hangs out with Sidronia...i hate her..they
were caught holding hands after school and now they always
hang out..every weekend...but never with me

i don't trust my boyfriend,,he may make me happy, but he
always makes me sad when i hear this stuff..and have to see
it..i want us to work..i wont throw away 4 months being
together,,i really love him and care for him...

i guess i just don't wanna be single again,,or hurt..almost
every guy i date cheats on me,,no guy can be perfect lol

so monday I am gonna threat breaking up with him that if he
dosen't straighten his *butt* up, he wont have me anymore
and that he can go date one of thoose whore's he talks too :)