crappy life
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2010-09-04 18:03:34 (UTC)


i got a a fight with a girl i like....and i hated
it....i cried so hard that my eyes hurt....she called me up
and started to talk and we didn't hang up until we resolve
the problem....she said sorry but i couldn't accept her
apology at that moment i was still hurt and angry at
her...good thing she understand....i told her i would just
tell her if i'm already ok...

i really don't want to be angry at hurt so
much to fight with her..i got no more energy left to
understand her....:(

the next morning i called her up and we talk...ahe
told me i was a bully...i told i'm not.. i said who
was the one who made me cry...wasn't it you....and there was
a long silence....she then said that she cried to i just
didn't heard her....i was shocked.. i was not expecting her
to cry for me.....who am i to her anyway....that was what i
thought at the back of my head...then i told her...that i
was ok and i wasn't angry anymore cause i don't like us
fighting...and now were back to normal again...;)

i'm kinda addicted to her's a scary
feeling...but i can't help it...i'm in too [email protected][email protected]