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Beautiful Disaster
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2010-09-03 21:59:21 (UTC)


Yes, I totally date Steven now and we're doing pretty good
at this point. Other than flipping out and smacking him a
week or so ago. I'm happy! He's so sweet to me, he takes me
to school in the mornings and picks me up in the
afternoon :). I have never had a guy do something nice like
that for me. I know thats sad but its true. Steven is the
first guy to give me a dozen roses on valentines day :). In
fact he's the only guy that ever has :/.

Well me and Jordan no longer talk at all. I told him I
loved Steven and was dating him and he flipped out and said
never talk to him again. I havent since. Don't really want
to but I don't want him to hate me. Oh well. I guess I
shouldnt have led him on until I was tired of him and ready
to date Steven. I will try not to make that mistake again.

Steven seems different than the last time we dated but I
can't quite tell if its real or not. I'm banking on its not
because I know how Steven is. He will use me in a
heartbeat. At least thats how I feel.

I love him though,

Dance class is fun but im a really bad dancer! I mean I can
dance but not the modern type dances she wants with
striaght backs and not moving my ass. It's kinda hard. I do
find it fun though :). I am shy of all the other pretty
girls in there. They're so much younger than me and I just
feel a little weird for some reason. I will get over it

English is kind of a pain because I hate being told what to
write but the teacher Mr. Bank is wayy cool. He even said
hell today. He looks like he would be a tight wad but he is
pretty chill. Its not too bad in that class. I made friends
with jamelie so lets see how that goes.

Hanna talked to me and was like acting all shady but then
pretending like she wasnt. I was just like well the hell
with it I don't miss chillin with you cause you never were
that cool so why worry about it? The more haters the
better :).

Third period with Mr. Monk is great. Me and Jason are the
only seniors in the class. I eat lunch with him everyday
and I have to say.... I like it. I think i'm crushing on
him but it's not anything serious. Anyway, I have good
grades in there and his work isn't hard at all. Awesome! He
even lets me text, well he tells me to put it up but he
doesnt take it from me lol :) everyday he does that.

Ugh fourth period sucks! I hate geometry. I missed like 3
days already and had to take the test! I totally aced it
with a 99 though :) awesome. But still the class sucks
because you can't talk at all. Carly is in there with me
and she's pretty cool lol way cooler than Jessica who I
really didn't like to begin with. She's just nasty! She
talked shit about Carly all the time. I think she is just
jealous lol.

I sat with Becca at the pep rally today. It was totally
fun. We danced and cheered for people we knew and some
people we didn't even know. I love chillin with Becca she's
just like me :). We were talking about guys we thought were
hot and we said Dada but she was too scared to tell him
that so when I seen him I told him me and Becca decided he
was the hottest black guy there is. He smiled real big and
laughed and I was smiling on the inide because before I
even told him that he was smiling at me. I kinda felt like
I had a little swagg for a second lol. I enjoyed my
moment :)

Well thats pretty much all thats happened lately. Oh I also
eat lunch with Jacob Scheme and Justin the fat guy I think
thats his name don't really know. Steven just pulled up got
to go write back when i think bout it Friday September 3

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