Confessions of a married woman
2010-09-03 17:09:48 (UTC)

OMG It is a SMALL World!!! EEK!

Yesterday was a good day. My Ex stayed out last night,
finally, it is releving to me when he is not home, I feel
so free. I love the feeling. I really wanted to see A
and i build up the courage to text him and asked that I
wanted to spend some time again with him :). I told him
that I was going to a concert but that after the concert I
was all his. He wasn't able to see me:( so much for me
humiliating myself by calling im and asking that I really
wanted to see him again, *sigh*! Oh well I got over that
quick. I went to the Hollywood Bowl to watch the LA Phil
it was beautiful. I got home at around 11 after dropping
off my friend. I logged on to my favorite dating site and
some guy instant messaged me, he looked cute so I accepted
his message. We were chatting on IM and he said i was cute
and that he wanted to take me out, blah blah blah... and
he asked me to call him so he could take me to lunch, this time I was getting really sleepy and I said,
can I call you now because I wanna go to my bed he said
sure, so I called him and he told me that he worked by me
he did marketing for all of so cal and the pacific for the
AirForce and that he had beendoing that for like 6 years,
blah blah blah...when he mentioned where he worked,I was
SHOCKED!!!!!!! that is where my hook up C works! OMG
they are co-workers! Of course I didn't tell him
because... OMG NO! (Read my May Diary for more info on
C) Anyway, we spent hours on the phone, talking about
movies, the beach, dancing, drinks, pirates LOL yes
pirates, it was too much fun chit chatting with him.
Anyway, I guess I will take a date with him and of course
I won't tell him about C.... my stomach even hurts at the
thought! So I ended up talking to him until 3:45 in the
morning! mind you I had to be at work at 7!!! Today I
woke up at 8:27 am!!!!!! I sped to work and got here at
9:05...oh well I will fill in my missing hours with
vacation time, which i have PLENTY. Isn't it such a small

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