Me Complicated
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2010-09-03 13:06:04 (UTC)

Another day....

well i kept thinking about what I wrote the day before and
when I re-read it i think I sound so pathetic. some people
can just turn off their emotions or just say hey its over
and move on but not me. i've always was a sucka for love!
and that last time i fell hard, very hard that now i cant
get i think that is why my present relationship
is rocky at times because in the back of my mind i'm still
stuck in the past, comparing the two, wondering what my
life would be like if i choose him. well i need to start
giving my all to what i have now. i have a good life. great
kids, great boyfriend, good family and i have to remind
myself that life could be so much worse and unhappy.
my heart just has a crack in it, who's doesnt right? it's
mending but very slowly.maybe i will always have some love
for him and may have to accept that. i hope one day i can
look back and just be like "oh yeah i used to date him" and
not even feel anything about it. soon i will, i hope
because my heart needs to fully move on. my relationship
nows deserves all my heart and i want to do that....

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