Starrix Tigerlily

Hope, Lies, and Magick
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2010-09-03 04:18:42 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
What to say, what to say? Andrew's been out of school
since Wednesday. Thursday- 1 3 5 lab day- I learned that
the cops came to his house and arrested his dad, and his
family was kicked out on Friday. I was so upset I started
crying in the lockerroom, and then at lunch.
Today I wore my super tight Pepsi shirt with my mega
bra, and trust me, people noticed. Mikaela and I hung out
and we started up Operation Beautiful: we got Mr. Bowers
to charperone the meetings, which will be held on Tuesday.
Mikaela and I went up to go bother some people who
introdcued themselves as Frodo, Carlos, Red-Shirt Man, and
Spiritfingers. We bothered and bothered them until the
bell rang, and it was time for Algebra 1, which was long
and boring. Lame.
The most exciting part of the day? APEC. Mrs. Lopez
talked about the most amazing trip this summer: Paris,
London, Prague, Budapest, Vatacin City, Florence, Venice,
Rome, and Berlin. The trip costs around $5000, which is
amazingly priced for a twenty-eight day trip around Europe.
I'm trying to convince Mikaela to go, and meanwhile
planning on how to ask Daddy. I already have a nice little
plan set up: I won't ask for ANY extra candy or junk at
the store until the trip, I'll ask for money for my
birthday for souveniers, and I'll do A LOT more chores a
I really, really want to go. Cute Italians? Disco tech?
Camera, photos, amazing stories? I have to go! I can't
even wait. I'm already planning on my packing. I'm
concerned about razors, my straightener, and my metal
dragon sword necklace. I hope they pass, I really really
Well, one, two, three, here goes the martyr.

Lots of Love,
Starrix Tigerlily

P.S. Even though I probably won't have much internet
access, I promise to write on a piece of paper every day
and copy it down onto here. But first we have to see if I
can even go.