Haters/ Lovers
2010-09-03 01:10:42 (UTC)

Haters, Traders and Down Right Jerks!

What has the world come to? Haters, traders.What is the
point of these people? They lie, they hate, they stab you in
the back. They turn your damn life upside down into some
crazy unacceptable game. And that game is to completely
destroy and screw up your life no matter who gets hurt they
are always fighting to be the first one to break you and to
beat you. So watch out all you annoying ignorant jerks
because your game is going to be changing! I would love to
make a fool of you and make your life a living hell but i
will not turn into the people i hate the most. I will not
turn into you guys! So one of these days i am going to beat
you at your own game. For now you are not worth my tears or
me in particular.

Love brokenmirror14