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2010-09-03 00:49:11 (UTC)

the start of a new begining

so i mentioned to you that we should just start over.... u
agreed. a new clean slate.
we had talked about how it wouldve been better if i never
knew about the two of you...i dont want to know. and if we
could just start from march..or closer to now.
i dont want to leave you, i dont want to forget about us
or loose what we have.... i just want more of a reason to
stay... you say i dont deserve to be hurt like ive hurt
for you..i dont. but its not going to change anything...
ive already been hurt. i just want my better, i want what
i Do deserve..you.
i love you, im still in love with you...flaws and all...
oh so many flaws... but you love me too...with my many
many flaws.
i just really needed to tell you that, i want to be with
you. i want us to get better. i want this to fix what we
both broke in the past.
a new start, a clean slate, the past never happened, and
will not be revisited again.
start from scratch, from the dating that we missed by
rushing it. to everything else.
and just as u said...notes, letters, gifts.... nothing
ever happened.
we start from scratch, but we still know evertything about
one another.
this is exactly what we need, what i need.
i want it to not matter (the past) i want to feel the love
i feel for you when were good together.
i guess i just miss us.
but i dont have to anymore :)