Out of Control
2010-09-02 06:42:27 (UTC)

sorry , again . ive officially moved .

HELLO PEOPLE . i know noones reading , but what the hell .
(: im in an okay mood . Ya know ? im like chilling out .
cant decide if im pretty or not . not if i have a good body
. just if im pretty .
i want to be (:
i dont know if i am . I guess if i dont come to the
conclusion i am itll be a pretty long struggle . i think
if i think im pretty ill be pretty . ya know
i went to the mall . fun . but i wished i was there with my
mom .
for shopping purposes , that woman knows how to shop .
to do : drag mother to mall . (first day outfit ?)
OH YEAH . im officially a resident of new jersey . again !
so theres that . i have friends already but the first day of
school is soon . i dont know what to wear .
im scared . out of shit .
but why ? ill obviously make friends .
& ill look good no matter what i wear .
so why dont i just stop fretting and let it be .
i always come back to that .
maybe ill liisten to if one day .
lalalala .
YES . nick canonica . so hot . ignoring me .
in all fairness im a weird girl hes never met and wont leave
him alone . yeah , that makes sense . i wish i could erase
this all so that when the first day of school comes it wont
be weird . yeah , im amanda . sorry for the akward ims .
not that hard .