Me Complicated
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2010-09-01 16:16:25 (UTC)

Where to start?

This is me then and now. My emotions, fears, loves lost
and turmoil that has made me who am today and who I will
become. I need to get it all out before I become lost
within my head. Thank you for reading.......

Cant keep a diary at home because I'm scared that someone
will read my thoughts;feelings and think differently of me.
people can be so judgmental; closed minded. I just want to
get out what I'm feeling; what i've been through and say
whatever I want whenever!

My life has so many ups and downs that I become so
emotional just thinking about the things i've done;things i
regret and things i just cant let go of. so where do i
they say to start from the beginning right? but I dont know
where that is.

i cant start from now because so much has happened before
hand to bring me to where i am now. i will have to ponder
this and then continue.
until my next entry.........

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