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2010-09-01 13:10:58 (UTC)

First Day of School

Where has my life gone? Jayla is going to school today.
She reminds me of Amy, but she is nothing like Amy. I
can't believe I am looking at a picture of her in her
uniform ready for kindergarten. Life is too fast. Not too
short, too fast. This is why I hate crying and being sad,
because every moment is wasted. It's already September 1st
and winter is coming again.

I will be 48 soon and can't remember how I got here so
fast. It's very sad. I feel, not complete. I feel like I
have something else to do....but I don't know what.

I have grandchildren. I don't feel like I have anything to
offer them but my love, I hope it's enough. It hasn't been
for Z. That's another story....