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2010-09-01 10:18:10 (UTC)


ok since i last wrote on here i've started doing at least
20 sit-ups a day, well last night i didn't 60 so guess
thats cool. on friday im going into my new school to sort
out my gcse's i want to do. the only two im desperate to
do are art, because i've always love it and im not really
bad at it and history, because of all the interesting
facts and how we got to become what we are today i just
think its amazing how just one person could inspire so
many others, for example martin luther king. plus its the
highest mark i've gotten a B lol

been speaking to alex a bit more the last few days, had a
really nice 2 hour conversation that for once didn't
involved phone sex but just joking around but yesterday he
got really upset cause he doesn't really see me, over the
6 week holiday i've been aloud out twice once round alexs
and one time i went swimming with stav.

only a quick entry today thoughhhh til next timeee