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2010-08-31 22:17:50 (UTC)

for the love of you

i am falling apart. i dont know what to do about you,
about us. i love you...but you're right i Dont deserve
this..you Dont deserve me. i deserve better. but how do i
let go someone i love sooo much? how can i escape the hold
you have on my heart? we would be together 2 years on
november the 8th.... all for nothing? it wasnt real til
march. you never loved me, now you do. now that youre over
her... she lives with us now... i absolutely hate her. you
say i should hate You, i cant. you say i need to get over
it....i should probably get over You. ...but i love you. i
cant be without you. i dont want to leave you but i dont
want to live like this.
so much hatered, so many tears, so much crying...
its just too much.
you lied to my face time and time again.. and still i
stay. you cheated on me..and still i stay. you hurt
me...and i stay. you make me feel bad..and i still stay.
should i? is it Going to be worth it? i think so but
... only time will tell.

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