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2010-08-31 05:04:52 (UTC)

Bed Time

So I'm not usually one to be pissed if someone has their
music going. I usually will dance along with the music. If
I like the music of course.

However, when my sister is constantly telling me to put on
my headphones, that's when I have a problem.

You see, my sister and I don't usually get along too well
in the first place. Me being a person who generally likes
to keep momentos of school, friends, activities. Things
like that. And she doesn't like any messes. None. Like,
when she FINALLY gets her own room she says she won't have
a thing out of place.

That among other things, is why we generally don't like to
spend lots of time around each other.

Today, we spent cleaning our room. I'm not usually the one
clean, so I like getting her help. Unfortunately, her help
usually results in her standing there pretending to work
while all she does is clean her stuff up, and then proceed
in giving me everything that belongs to me, or is garbage,
or doesn't even belong in the room. Things like that. So I
end up getting badgered about everything that I throw away,
or that I think doesn't belong in the room, or stupid
things like that.

So while she sits on her royal thrown, I get to be the one
yelled at, and screamed at, and told how I'm doing
everything wrong, and how my kids are going to live in a
pig sty, and that I'm going to be the mother that says that
it's okay to have a messy room because then you can find


Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that we didn't really
get along well today in the first place.

So when she and my older sister want to watch a show all I
ask is that they show the same courtesy to me that I HAVE
to show them. So I ask them "Please put on some headphones,
I really don't want to hear your program or whatever it is
that you're watching" only to hear them reply with, get
this, "no".

To say the least, I'm not surprised. I expect this from my
sisters. They want everything their way. It's natural.
They're also teenagers. As am I.

But what's pissing me off is that if I did that, they would
be on me about it faster than you can say "bob's your
uncle" which in this family, isn't so hard.

So I go to mom. Yes, I went to dear old mommy. The one who
hates solving our problems and would rather bash in our
skulls. Angela hates it when I do this because I'm usually
in the right when I do.

So mom states that if they want to continue watching their
program after ten, then they need to be downstairs. You
know, somewhere I can't hear them.

She said it's quiet time after ten and they could still
watch, just so long as anyone who wanted to go to sleep had
the opportunity. I think that she just wanted to please
everyone. Which is good, but didn't really solve my problem.

They're always watching their programs in here without
their headphones in, so stopping them just after ten
doesn't solve anything except a momentary problem. I'm
fairly sure though, that tomorrow they're going to be
watching their programs in here just to spite me.

But I think I just got the ultimate solution if mom ever
says that any program on needs to be with headphones. You
see, I knew that Angela had headphones that she found
today. I also knew the whereabouts they were. So I took

Oh yeah, you might think sarcastically, that'll stop her.
But you see, she doesn't know that I have them. So she will
have to buy more headphones. But the best place to buy them
around here is walmart, and mom doesn't like it there
anymore because the lines are too long to get through, even
with the ten items or less lines.

So my sister has no choice but to wait a long while until
my mom goes again. And then she'll have to buy her own.
Simply because we're teenagers, and mom doesn't buy us
anything after we're teens. And my sister will be all
ticked, and I'll have her "Find" her headphones right
before mom goes to walmart. Then I'll take them again.
Continueing this cycle until I think that my sister is
truely not going to do this anymore.

The best part of this whole thing is, is that my sister
can't listen to her MP3 without headphones. And these are
her only pair. HEHEHE. Yes, I know it's a weird punishment,
but I think that my sister will learn quite a bit by it.

And my older sister will have to hear our fighting, and
will most likely give up.

Yeah, I'm that pissed.


So I bid you all a good night, and I hope to catch some of
you later. I'm going to turn out the lights and watch some
Doctor Who, something my little sister doesn't want me to
do, but I like, so I do it anyways.

Gotta nod off,