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2010-08-31 04:34:05 (UTC)

FACT: Life isn't fair!

It all started out with a mass that nestled itself freely on
my fathers brain. In due time we soon found out that the mass
was cancerous. Exploring deeper into this illness doctors
found even more devastating news; which is that my dad has
Lung cancer.

Crazy how i find it so easy type the words "Lung Cancer" but
so hard to say. Saying those words kinda makes me choke a

Its been a yr and half since my dad was diagnosed with LUNG
CANCER and life seems to have taken a different route these

So sad and disturbing to even think but death is trying to
take my father. And along with just my dad being gone...
There so much more of my life that I still have to experience
with my daddy.

Like, my dad walking me down the isle, or him see my first
child or me graduating from college.

They really mean it when they say "Life isn't fair!"