2010-08-31 02:27:11 (UTC)


I was born lazy. I hate exercise and yet it is becoming
more and more obvious that it is the only way I am ever
going to lose weight. I do belong to a gym and, every now
and again I get fed up with my slothlike self and take up
the cross trainer, bike and treadmill with enthusiasm but,
if I miss only once, that is it, it is all over and I am
back to square one. I could probably write a book, if not
two full volumes on reason why I can't get to the gym

One of the many problems, it seems to me, is that every
time I lose weight and start to get fit, I end up putting
all the weight back on plus some, and this does not seem
like a particularly good plan t me.

Yet, for the past two days, I have been motivated enough
to don my walking shoes at lunchtime and walk around the
streets like a madwoman on a mission.

I don't really have the correct jacket to wear though. I
have a great jacket, it has a fleece inside a waterproof
overjacket and they can be unzipped depending on what I
want to wear. The problem is I don't know what I want to
wear. When I start off I am cold and hiding from the
wind, but after 10 minutes or so I develop a glow that
demands I shed my outer covering. Then I get chilly
again. Perhaps this means I need to go and shop for
another jacket.

I am so tired now I am just rambling. Yesterday I walked
over to the bus stop and though the university before
wandering back to the office. The tour took me 40
minutes. Today I walked down to the beach and along it
for a while before turning back and cutting through the
back streets to the office. This took closer to an hour.

Unfortunately, by the time I got back, especially today, I
was sweating like a docker. We do have a shower at my
place of work but it is not particularly clean and I
always have a fear of someone barging in on me. In the
end I decided to try and have a wash in the sink which was
less that successfull as there is no plug and most of the
water ended up on the floor.

Never mind, at least I am trying to get fit again, until I
have a reason to stop that is.