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2010-08-30 12:00:35 (UTC)

Kids not at school

Well, it's the start of the school year for most people in
my district. Apparently, me ex doesn't seem to think so. The
7 y old started 2nd grade and the 5 yr old started Kinder.
Well, I just called the school and the 5 yr old isn't there.
I know this means that the 7 yr old won't be there too.

I am so fucking pissed at the ex. I cannot believe she would
do this to her own flesh and blood. I'm more concerned about
the kids that she is. And they aren't even biologically
mine. WTF is wrong with some people?

Apparently, we will be one of the few families that will
have a child that flunked Kinder. How the fuck do you do
that? Talk about a loser family, my ex and her criminal and
flunky kids are it.

What happened to darwinism? I thought this shit suppose to
weed itself out eventually? How can we have human beings
like this still on this planet? I dunno... The ex takes me
to the newest highs and lows. I shouldn't be surprised. If
there is a way to fuck things up, my ex will find a way. She
may as well run for Gov of CA the way we are screwed up anyway.

So now, I just have to wash my hands from this and keep
reminding myself that I can only change one person. That
would be me. To give the Ex too much time thinking about the
fuck ups that she has been doing is a waste of my life.

And I still haven't found a fuck buddy yet!!!lol..

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