Teenage life
2010-08-30 12:00:21 (UTC)


so i dated this guy, and well we had a pretty bad break up
saying that we live 3 hours away, and then we both cant
drive. but the thing is we both addmit we still love each
other. we also deciede ( well mostly i did) that if we
didnt talk it would be eaiser to get over each other, well
it didnt work, i only talk to him on certian days. like
today i talked to him because today is his birthday, and
this is how the convo went; me- happy birthday him- thank
u me- your welcome him- i miss you me- i miss you too me
again- well have a good day at school happy birthday again
him- bye i love you sarah. me- i love you too nick. thats
all we said and my heart breaks everytime i talk to him
then it breaks everytime i dont talk to him. this isnt
cool. like they say you will never forget your 1st love.