miss christina
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2010-08-30 00:28:45 (UTC)

too much or not enough

OK so im going to start with last week. i jsut started my
new job...woot..woot.. anyway. iahve lunch at 2 til 3 pm.
i asked my "freind" if she would like to have lunch. well
lets just say three days in a row i did not eat lunch.
iwas by myself and the places are to far to walk and make
it back in time for my lunch to be over. so satuday i only
had to go in for a few hours and well i was there for
about two hours and my "freind" and my dad.. whom
my "friend" picked up to take him shopping.... anyway they
came and picked me up from work.... so i was with my dad
and "freind" for about an hour and then me and her went
and grabbed something to eat.. well she had plans to go to
the tattoo convention with someone that she works with..
and was going ot be back in like 2 hours. she left around
12 ish and came home around 9:30 pm. yeah i know... she
had parked her car at her exs house because she also works
with her and the guy she went with well they all work
together... anyway when she got done at the tattoo thing
her ex was home.. something she was not expecting..
anyway she got stuck going to some stupid thing with her
ex... so i sat around all day form 12 to 9:30 pm. She
knew damn well i was off and that i would be home and hse
told me that we would hang out in the evening becasue she
had plans for the day.. that ttally ok with me but only
when you follow through... so lets move on to today....
right now it is 5:19 and she left to go take her dogs with
her ex to the dog park. she left around one .. so she said
i will be back in couple hours... im totally ok with her
chillen with her ex bacause i know how she feel about her
ex and well there are reason why they still talk..
materalistic reason.. if my "freind" stops talkin to her
ex her ex takes the truck simple as that. i know why not
just get a new truck... well if we are to move when then
have to save money to buy a trucka or car whatever and
money to move and we only have 4 months left.. well i
guess the point is she my "friend" told me that she will
make as much time for me as i make for her. but cant you
not see that i ahve made time for her and i am the one not
doing anything... im getting real tired of talking to my
cat. and sitting in the pool by myself and well i drink
when im upset and this does upset me just a little bit....
so what should i do. i am off tomorrow (monday) and then i
have school in the evening.... should i try and make plans
with her and see if they fall through or just not make any
plans at all and just be like whatever. or make plans with
someone else....??????? im stuck on this one.