D'Arc Tangent

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2010-08-29 21:43:26 (UTC)

Back In Time

Back In Time


D’Arc Tangent

It was midnight, and the house was quite. A single young
man lay on his bed in the dark, his mind racing back to a
few weeks ago when he had accomplished what most people
would have believed to have been impossible. Using on the
image on his webcam, he saw a distant land, and upon
getting that image in his mind, in clearly and thoroughly
knowing the image in his mind, his body was transported
from where he sat looking at the image, to where the image
actually was. He traversed space in the blink of an eye,
and in that moment, he was no longer sitting in his little
office in Northern Canada, he was, in fact, on the other
side of the world, in the same room as his lover. He
spent close to an hour with her. They made love, the
shared themselves freely, and only the fact that he needed
to return to his original forced him to leave, and in the
blink of an eye, the exotic hotel room on the other side
of the world was replaced by the boring white walls of his
little office, and the smiling face of his lover, whose
contented look filled him with absolute joy, was now just
a pixilated image on his monitor, but the smile she gave
him before they logged off said more than words ever could.

He had proven to himself that instantaneous travel across
distance was possible, but that was not enough for this
daring explorer into the world of the impossible. He had
a bolder idea, one that if it worked, would shatter the
world of physics, and break every natural law they knew.
He knew it was not the image on the screen that made the
journey possible; it was the image in his mind. So what
if that image was from another time? Would it take him to
the spot in the present where the image in the past was
taken? He disregarded that hypothesis, for the image in
his mind would not exist in the present. No, he was sure
that he could travel back, in time, to the moment the
image in his mind existed, and he knew what image he was
going to use. It was an image that haunted his memories
since the day he saw it. He always kept in fresh in his
mind. In the darkness of the night, in the silence of the
house, he remembered the picture of his lover. He saw her
there, lying on her bed, dressed in nothing but a thin
black teddy, g-string lace panties, stocking and high
heels. She was on her back, and her legs were bent, and
her hands were touching herself. She many times told him
she was thinking about him as she touched herself, and
many times, he thought of her like this. Though the image
was long gone, then memory of it recollected in his mind
almost daily, so it was always as fresh as the first time
he saw it.

He felt his heartbeat in his chest. He focused on it.
Knew the tangibility of it. The rhythm was constant, and
as his heart beat twice he breathed in deeply through his
nose, and held the breath for a single beat before he
allowed two beats to pass as he exhaled out his mouth,
then held for a single beat before inhaling through his
nose for two more beats. He continued the rhythm, two in,
hold for one, two out, hold for one two beat in through
the nose and out through the mouth, in through the nose,
out through the mouth, two, one, two, one, two, one, two,
one, until the rhythm became automatic. The rhythm
continued, as he brought forth the image in his mind. He
thought about it. He saw it form in his mind like it was
being developed by a silver nitride solution. Slowly,
methodically, he pieced the memory from the vaults of his
mind until the image was fully formed in his mind. He
brought the image in sharper. He saw her. He saw her
long blonde hair, and the pale skin. He saw the bed, and
the sheets, and the night stand and the walls and the
headboard. All the components of the picture had to be
there. He had to be there. He had to know exactly where
it was. He had to know exactly where he was going, and as
he saw the angle from the camera, focused on her exquisite
body, he was no longer laying in his bed, in the dark, in
northern Canada, he was now in the southern hemisphere,
standing behind a digital camera, looking at the most
beautiful woman in the world.

“Hello my dear.” He said, in that funny accent she always
liked, and she was startled, shocked even, and she quickly
tried to cover herself until her mind made sense out of
the impossible. Here, in her bedroom, in the middle of
the afternoon, was a man she had known for almost ten
years, standing behind the camera she had set up to
surprise him. It seemed that no matter what she thought
she could do to surprise him; he could always up the ante
on her.

“How the hell did you get here? How did you get in? Did
anyone see you?” The questions barraged him like a storm
and he held his hand up to halt her tirade.

He stroked the camera tenderly as he looked at her
beauty. “This.” He said, holding the camera, “got me

“How?” she asked, but even as she was curious, she was
also very conscious of two things. One, who cares how, he
was here. The one thing that she had desired for ten
years was happening, right here, right now. The second
thing was, he was naked, so forgetting how, for a moment,
she asked, “Uh, why are you naked?”

“Freak!” he said, "I forgot about that.” He said, and yet
he made no effort to alter the fact that he was indeed,
naked. “I projected from my bed, and as I have told you,
I sleep naked. I wasn’t even thinking about that. My
bad.” He smiled.

She looked him up and down, and smiled, and said, “My
good.” Then she asked her next very important
question, “How long can you stay?”

“Well,” he said, “For me, it is midnight Friday, and my
alarm will go off at 4:30, so I guess I will have to leave
when I wake up, in four and a half hours, the more
important question is how much time do WE have? You did
not have a date stamp on this picture when you sent it to
me, so I have no idea when in time I am.”

“It is just past two in the afternoon.” She said, “And I
am not expecting anyone back until five, so almost three
hours together I would guess. Do you need to do anything
to get back?”

“Actually, getting back is the easiest, since I do not
belong here, I can return almost instantly. I could leave
the minute you hear the door open.”

“Handy.” She smiled, then, getting the most wicked grin on
her face, she crawled across the bed toward him and took
his erection in her hands, and pulled lightly to bring him
closer to her, a gesture he fully supported for more than
one reason. She swung her legs over the foot of the bed
so that they straddled his firm body as she massaged his
erection. It was hard. It was huge. She had seen
pictures of it many times, but to experience it, the
fullness of it, was unbelievable. It was hot, too. She
did not expect that. The skin was supple, and the head
was a pale pinkish purple that glistened slightly with a
clear gem sitting on the lips. One minute she was holding
this amazing staff in her hands, and the next moment she
had the whole of it in her mouth. She stroked the shaft,
but her mouth covered the head, and her tongue licked
along the split in the head as her lips caressed the edge
of the purple onion. He grabbed her head in his hands and
held her there as she sucked on him, causing the most
exquisite sensations, but he knew this was not what they
wanted together, this was just for fun, so as he could
feel himself readying, he pushed her away gently, stopping
her. Her breathing was ragged, hoarse, like she had no
desire to stop, even though she knew she did. He took
deep breaths to calm himself down, to ready himself, to

“So, give us a look.” She said, making twirling motions
with her fingers.

“You’ve seen everything already.” He said, smiling.

“Not in person.” She said, as she scampered back to the
edge of the bed as he slowly turned.

As he turned his back to her, she grabbed the cheeks of
his buttock in both hands.

“Oh yes,” she said, “Just like I thought. You do have the
most incredible ass.” She said, and then covered her mouth
as if she had spoken out of turn. He continued to rotate
as she examined every inch of his body, from his slightly
pudgy but still quite nice abs, the his legs, which were
incredibly muscled, the his chest, large, like a barrel,
with broad shoulders, and firm arms. His back was
incredible. Two solid bands of muscle went up either side
of his spine, straight, like an arrow, ending in two broad
blades and a well muscled neck and shoulders, and that
beautiful face, which, today, was clean shaven. She was
still not 100% on whether she preferred him shaven, or
frisky, but he was here, so she accepted it the way it was.

“So?” he said when he was sure she had finished her
inspection, “Do I pass muster?”

Sliding off the bed, she stood before him, and good four
inches shorter than him, reached up and kissed him on the
mouth as she grabbed his buttocks and pulled him into
her. Setting back down on her feet, she smiled, “Oh yeah.”

He loved the kiss. It was hot, and passionate, and
everything he knew it would be, but after a while, he
placed his hands between them, holding her in place as he
took a step back from her, breaking the kiss.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, a furrow creasing her forehead.

“Absolutely nothing.” He smiled, and then added, “But I
think it is YOUR turn now.” And he grinned a wide, cheek
to cheek grin at her, and she knew exactly what he meant.

Taking him by the hand, she led him to a chair in the
corner, then walked over to the portable CD player she
had, looked at the disk, smiled, pressed a few buttons and
as the music started, she turned to face him as the music
starts. After a brief musical intro, Rod Stewart starts
to ease out of the CD player…

“She sits alone, waiting for suggestions, he’s so nervous,
avoiding all the questions, his lips are dry, her heart is
gently pounding, don’t you know exactly what they’re

And as Rod sings his way through his song, she starts to

The shoes come off first, by placing her left foot first
on his lap, so that he can slide the pump off her delicate
foot. She then repeats the manoeuvre with her other foot,
and he cannot help but notice that when she puts her foot
up on his chair, he has an excellent view of the black
lace panties under her little, sheer, nightie.

As Rod asks “Do you want my body…” she walks away from
him, her tush wiggling behind her as she does, then, as
Rod tell him “If you really need me, just reach out and
touch me…” she walks back to him, placing her foot on his
chair again, and he knows EXACTLY what SHE’S thinking, as
he starts to pull he stocking down her thigh, over her
knee, and his palms caress her calves as he slides the
first stocking off all the while Rod is telling him “Come
on honey, let’s spend the night together.” And by the time
he gets to “At last he can her exactly what his heart
meant…” he has the second stocking wrapped around his neck
like a scarf, and he can smell her perfume on the fabric.

And again he is asked “Do you want my body?” as she dances
away from him. She turns around on the next verse, and
strides confidently back to him, turning her back on him,
she bends over, and lifts the little skirt of her nightie
as Rod Says that “Neither one’s complaining…” and he
reaches up under her skirt and grabs the strings of her
thong, pulling it down over her buttocks. He leans
forward to pull the panties down further, and kisses her
lightly on her cheeks as she steps out of the lace and
away fro him again, and one more time the question with
the obvious answer plays forth to his ears, because yes,
he does want her body, and he most definitely thinks she
is sexy.

Finally, he is told, in no uncertain terms, by Rod’s
lyrics, and the look in her eyes, that, “If you really
need me, just reach out and touch me…” as she pulls the
nightie up over her head. As the fabric falls to the bed
behind her, she stands before him as naked and aroused as
he is, then as the song finishes with…”Just come on tell
me so.” She sits in his lap, wraps her arms around him,
and kisses him with all the passion and desire in her
heart as the music finally stops on the player, but
continues in their minds and hearts for a very good length
of time.

Her body is warm, and soft, and firm where it should be,
and her breasts pressed against his bare chest feels as
wonderful as her soft, wet mouth does on his. He runs his
hands through her long blonde hair, holding her head to
him as they kiss, but both of them are in constant flux.
Their bodies move, their hands caress each other, every
inch of them seeks to find yet another method of pleasure,
and soon, he starts to rise, careful to make sure he has
her secured in his arms as he does, and he slowly raises
from his chair, and carries his lover to her bed. Laying
her gently on the sheets, he crawls next to her, and again
they embrace each other, stroke each other. They are lost
in the pure tactile delight of each other, wanting to know
every inch of each other’s bodies, every nerve, every
place that sends chills across them as they touch.

He kissed her, and she let him. His lips on hers were
soft, but forceful. She knew she was being kissed, and
she liked the way it felt. Her lips gave way to his
touch, and their tongues danced in delight with each
other. Then he moved along her jaw line, kissing her
tender flesh as he moved to her earlobe, kissing her, his
tongue caressing just behind her ear before he sucked on
the tender flesh of her lobes and she felt an excitement
affecting her body in an area nowhere near her ears. Her
neck was next on his tour of her incredible body as he
kissed her throat down to her shoulders. Her back arched
as he touched her with his mouth. His lips were soft and
warm and they burned where they touched, but each kiss was
more than lips on flesh, for his tongue followed, making
small, wet circles on her flesh as he moved along her
shoulder then back along her collarbone.

He slid his body over hers, knees straddling her waist as
he leaned down, his long hair brushing her skin like
feathers as he kissed between her breasts, his hands
cupping each one and holding it, caressing it, his thumbs
caressing her ever hardening nipples as he kissed down
between her breasts. He paused, suckling one breast, then
the other, his tongue caressing the erect nipple of each
breast before he continued to slide himself down her
body. His hands caressed her waist and hips, massaging
her as he continued to kiss down her belly. His mouth
covered her navel, and his tongued played dangerously
close to the edge, making circles around the small
indentation of her beautiful belly before he continued his
tour of this exquisite woman.

Drawing his hands along her waist to her hips, his fingers
fan out, splayed across her flesh, his thumbs slide down
along the crease where her legs join her body, tracing the
V formed by the soft, blonde hairs that frame the pink
opening that is already excited at his touch. He uses his
thumbs to pull her open, to reveal her glistening jewel to
his wanting mouth, and his tongue slides inside her,
licking with force, in an upward motion, pressing the
tender nerve at the top and forcing her body upwards in an
arch of passion. He moves his hands under her buttock,
grasping the beautiful full moon of her cheeks, and he
holds her to him as he satisfies his hunger for her body.

Slowly he pulls away from her, and a gentle pressure from
his hands on her cheeks lets her know he needs her to turn
over, and she complies willingly with his desires, for she
shares these same desires herself. She lays on her
stomach as his hands slide up her buttocks to the edge of
her tailbone, and he caresses the tender spot, and she
bites her lip to contain the pleasure, even as he softly
kisses her beautiful round cheeks on his voyage of her
body. Moving down her thigh, his lips and mouth continue
to excite her flesh as he slowly moves to the point behind
her knee, where his mouth opens wide and his tongue makes
large wet circles along the crease and she rubs her body
against the bed to quell the sensations going through
her. His mouth moves to her calves, firm, but oh so
tenderly soft, warm flesh, and he kisses her along her
calves until he reaches her foot, and repositioning his
body so that he straddles her again, he lifts one foot to
him, and begins to rub it, caressing her foot, massaging
all her tensions, whatever might possibly be left after
this, from her, then repeats the massage with her other
foot, until he is sure she is completely at ease.

Sitting on his knees at the foot of the bed, he watches
her. Her chest rises and falls briskly and her legs are
parted, and he can tell she wants him, needs him. He
crawls up between her legs, his tongue tracing the pink
line between her legs, and she moans in pleasure. He
pulls her open with his fingers and thrusts his tongue
inside her gain.

“Oh God, YES!” she calls out and grabs his head with her
palms, holding him between her legs, not allowing him to
stop as he licks hard between her legs. She is wet with
desire for him, and she thrust her midsection forward to
allow him deeper access to her, and he places his hands
under her buttocks, holding her there so that he can
continue. The two continue their rhythm, as he strokes
her with his tongue she continues to thrust toward him
until she is afire with desire.

“Oh god, yes!” she cries, “Yes, yes, oh god, yes.” But he
does not stop, and neither does she, until finally, she
can bare the pleasure no more and she pushes his face away
from her. Panting heavily, she tries to catch her breath
as he slowly climbs over her body to suckle at her
breasts. Her heart is pounding in her chest and every
nerve in her body tingles at his slightest touch. He
moves further up her body, kissing her hotly on the mouth,
and she is vaguely aware of her body being positioned, but
she is lost in his passion, unaware of anything until a
jolt of passion fires through her body as he slides
himself inside her. In mid-kiss, she gasps out her
delight and wraps her legs around his torso as he thrusts
tenderly into her. His lips return to hers, and their
mouths gulp each other hungrily as he gently thrusts into
her. Her passions rising again, she arcs her back,
thrusting herself into him again as she gasps out the
single, whispered word, “Harder.”

Pulling back from her, he thrusts deep inside her, and she
bites her lower lip in response to the incredible
sensation coursing through her. “Yes,” she breaths
out, “yes, like that, harder.” And again he slides his
body back, thrusting deep inside her, each forceful thrust
punctuated by a moment where he is fully inside her before
he slowly draws back to thrust again, and each time he
does, she arcs her back again, thrusting herself at him,
making the penetration deep and complete. He, as well, is
not immune to the passions rising between them, and his
rhythm increases. He still pauses with each thrust, but
each thrust is faster, harder, their bodies in unison
pound into each other, but on one final thrust, he is
fully deep inside her, and he suddenly pulls out, resting
his huge, pulsing member on her belly as he releases
himself over her. He rests his hands on either side of
her body, breathing hard and ragged as his seed drips over
her white flesh, and she starts to rub it into her skin,
giggling like a school girl. She spreads the thick cream
up her body, and over her breasts, still aroused by him,
when she says, “Well, I think we need to clean up, don’t
you?” and she was still giggling as she smiled at him. He
leaned down and kissed her tenderly, and she knew he

She lead him out of her bedroom and down the hall to the
bathroom, where she started to shower, and when the water
was the right temperature, they climbed in together,
washing each other, removing the sweat and the sticky off
their bodies, while still managing to find more ways to
excite each other through touch.

“We can’t stay too long.” She says, “Water rations,
y’know.” And she turns off the faucet and grabs a towel to
help dry him off.

His body is as she always imagined. Hard, soft, not
overly muscled, but no wimp. She towels his chest,
feeling his flesh under the thick cotton towel. His arms,
slender, but muscled, his hands, they are so small, but
the way they held her, the power she felt in them, it was
amazing. She dries his arms and his stomach, and then, as
if she was at first trying to avoid it, she comes to THAT
AREA. It is huge. And even after the lovemaking they
have endured, or maybe because of it, it is erect. She
touches it, and the skin is soft, the shaft, rock hard and
red hot, and she fondles it a moment before she takes the
towel to it, and the shiver running down his spine tells
her that she should probably not be doing this, yet.
Touching him, guiding him, she has him turn around, and
she dries his back, his long hair hanging down almost a
third of the way down his back, dripping rivulets of water
down his back, along his spine, between two steel cables
of muscles down his back. She kisses where she dried,
drying down his back, kissing down his spine, until she is
kneeling behind him, and she can see his perfectly
sculpted butt. She touches it, gently, caressing it
slightly, then, her hands splayed out, she grabs both
cheeks in her hands and squeezes, thrilling at the touch
of his flesh. She wraps her arms around his waist,
grabbing hold of his erection as she pulls his body to
her, her face against his flesh, against his back, feeling
his hot body for a moment, then, almost reluctantly, she
releases him and finishes drying off his legs, which as
well, are beautifully sculpted, firm, well muscled. The
she stands up and turns him to face her.

“All dry.” She says.

“So, is it my turn now?” he asks, and a wicked smile plays
across his face. She has never had a man touch her like
this before, and the thought is as alien, as it is
inviting, but still she says, “Please, do.” And she drops
her towel in her hand to the floor.

He picks up the towel, and uses it to dry her hair,
wrapping her hair in it he places it around her head, out
of the way, and he looks at her body, examining it,
studying every nuance of her flesh, then taking another
towel, he moves behind her and begins to dry her back,
kissing her bare neck as he dries her shoulder, and her
back, and her sides, and her wonderful round derrière. He
dries her buttocks, and massages her tailbone slightly as
he does so, then he slides the towel down between her
cheeks, and between her legs, rubbing every possible
exposed nerve he can find as he does so, and her knees go
week, but his hand is between her legs, and the other
wraps itself around her waist, holding her. She is
suddenly aware that she does not feel the towel anymore,
just his hand, between her legs, massaging her again,
feeling her, and she can feel the shimmers going through
her body, and the wetness forming between her legs, and
she cannot help but open her legs wider, allowing him
access to her. His fingers play her like a cord, each
fret of her body producing a tune of ecstasy in her
throat. The murmurs and moans and gasps form the symphony
of their desire. She can feel his kisses on her neck
again, soft, sensuous, tender, as he takes her hands in
his, spreading her hands out against the wall, kissing her
neck, and then the sharp probing feel of his manhood
entering her. She leans forward, pushing herself onto him
as he thrusts hard into her. Each thrust is short, and
hard, and powerful, but the draw is slow and she can feel
his manhood excite her as he slides back, then the thrusts
again, hard, pounding her against the wall, and as
forceful and violent as it is, it is pleasurable, and
exciting, and needed. She suddenly becomes aware of the
towel again coming into play as he pats her ample breasts
dry even as he continues to thrust into her. She can feel
his fingers caressing her breasts through the cloth, his
hands on her belly, the towel rubbing her clit and all the
while his body pounding onto hers, forcing her against the
wall with each thrust, and the exciting tingle as he draws
back, and then the towel is gone again, and there is just
his hands, and his manhood, and the sensation of his body
as his thrusts become harder and faster, and faster, and
harder, until he slams his whole body into hers, pressing
her against the wall so she cannot move as he explodes
into her. Searing heat burns into her mind as she
experiences the climax, and lights flash in her eyes, and
then all she knows is she is floating on the cool air
surrounded by blackness. When her vision returns, she is
once more on her bed, and he is beside her, softly
stroking her flesh with his finger tips, and every touch
on her inflamed flesh sends electric shocks through her
body, and she takes his face in hers and kisses him, hard,
passionately, and he returns the passion with equal
abandon, and for what seems like forever, there is just
their mouths, their lips, and their bodies pressed
together in a loving embrace. She turns away, stretching
her body out, feeling muscles move that have not moved in
this manner in forever, and she smiles contently at him as
she turns to look at the small clock on her nightstand.

“Shit.” She curses softly, “Is that the time!” They are
on their way home.” She says, and as panicked as she is,
she does not want to move, does not want to leave him,
does not want him to leave, but she can’t, he can’t, they
cannot stay, like this, forever, but anything they can do
once, they can do again, and if he can make this trip
today, he can make it again, someday.

She slowly starts to dress, as does he, and they say very
little to each other, knowing there is nothing they can
say that won’t make them change their minds and stay, and
damn the consequences, so it is safer if they just stay
quiet. Once they are dressed though, they embrace each
other once more, tightly, holding each other as if they
never wanted to ever let go again, but eventually they do,
backing away slowly, still holding each other, first at
the biceps, then the forearms, then the hands, finally,
the fingers, touching lightly as they pull away, and the
last thing either of them hear is “I Love You.” And then
he is gone, and the room is quiet again. She stands
there, staring at the space that just moments ago held her
lover, and her shoulders sag slightly, then suddenly her
room is full of sound as her kids burst in on her,
shouting about their at 1,000 words a minutes, and she