summer romance
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2010-08-29 21:34:04 (UTC)

Okay so we met in march?

So, i met this girl in march through friends and that, we
got talking on msn we talked now and then shes one of those
type of girls that never really seems that interested in
talking to you, it was a shame for me : because i thought
she was amazing i mean like WOW she was funny, smart and
interesting and we had like so much in common and wow she
was beautiful. she went on a skiing trip when she came back
it turns out she had met this lad ryan, on all perfect ryan
hes in a band he can sing he can play guitar ohh hes
supporting you me at six in september, i was jealous but
what i hardly knew her, i moved on i went out with this girl
called leah it was going okay.. for a day or 2 then she
became obsessive but lied to me alot i knew she lied i let
it slip everytime. i told alice when she lied but she said
she didnt want to interfear. 4 days before my birthday i
went into hospital with kidney problems, leah never seemed
to care but when alice found out she was the first to come
from birmingham up to liverpool to see me she rang me
everyday, i loved it even if she did talk about ryan most of
the time :|. i told leah it was over i told her i couldnt
stand her lies the fact she never really cared about me.
Alice seemed.. happy about it, i guess she was just happy i
was happy now.. i think anyway? Alice started telling me how
much ryan had upset her how many times he cheated, how he
said other things like drinking where more inportant to her,
but like any good friend would i told her she deserves
better she can get anyone she wants dont stay with the worst
of the worst. she followed my advice a day later he had
already got a new girlfriend and alice was sat by the side
of my hospital bed crying :. he tears made me want to kiss
her as i held her the begining of summer was coming and i
knew i had to get her. i needed her before summer was over
and she went back to birmingham and wouldnt be able to come
back until she had finally left school. what could i do to
get her :.

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