2010-08-29 10:19:59 (UTC)

Where to begin

Day one of a series of observations that may well start with
great enthusiasm but fade into oblivion. Not sure what sort
of diary this will be, probably just a recap of the daft
things, thoughts and happenings of my day/week. I would
like to think that maybe I will gather enough ramblings to
write a book, but I won't hold my breath.

Sitting here on a Sunday evening listening to 'Ball Park
Incident' by Wizzard, and other assorted 70s and 80s gems,
while trying to elbow the cat off the keyboard.

Went to a party last night. Some of the 'footballer's
wives' decided that we all need to get together more often
so have started to organise parties every six weeks or so.
Each event will be at a different house have a different
theme. The first was at our house - a T party. I went as a
taxi, dressed in black with headlights stuck to my boobs,
tail lights on my backside, and indicators on my shoulders.
It was the first party we have held for years. Despite
misgivings on my part it seemed to go really well. I must
learn to relax. Others turned up as Thomas the Tank Engine,
the Tooth Fairy, Tinkerbell and a member of the Taliban.

Last night's get together had a Mexican theme. I had the
intention of throwing caution to the wind and getting drunk,
after two drinks, lost the enthusiasm for it. There were
quite a few people I had met before but, embarrassingly,
many of whose names I have forgotten. I really do need to
make a list or take more interest. Its partly because I
rarely see people but also because I don't really have
anything in common with them. What a stuck up bore I am, I
don't mean to be, am I just a snob. Hopefully writing
things down will help me sort out my thoughts about me and
everyone/everything else.

Unfortunately the music wasn't that great so the party never
really took off in the way it could have. The good thing
about the crowd is that most people just want to have a few
drinks (some want a lot to drink) and a bloody good dance.

Isn't it annoying when, at a party, a song comes on you
really like and then within 30 seconds someone decides they
don't like it so click on to another song. ITunes has a lot
to answer for.

Just listened to three versions on Barbie Girl, one after
another, first in English, then in German, and lastly in
Japanese. I really must change my IPod to random.

Went food shopping yesterday. Bought far too much,
including mayonnaise as it was on special. Came home to
make a sandwich and couldn't find the already open
mayonnaise in the fridge or the cupboard so, pleased with
myself at my good timing purchase I opened the new
mayonnaise. Made the sandwich, opened the fridge to store
the freshly opened jar and what was staring me in the face
but the existing half full jar. I swear it wasn't there
five minutes earlier.

I know I should read this verbal diarrhea through but its
now quite late and I will have husband looking over my
shoulder shortly. He doesn't know I am doing this. Not
sure why I haven't told him, especially as I am leaving it
public for a while.

Night night.