all about my life
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2010-08-29 09:09:35 (UTC)

Simi valley

I remember when my dad said we were going to move to simi
valley. I was all like noooo!! Well we did move..I had ro
leave VNMS. I had been livling in Van Nuys since I was
born. I guess we did have to move. When I was in my new
home I felt sad, cause all my best friends I missed them
all. I thought that when i go to the new school i will not
make new friends!Well we came here to Simi valley i had to
go sign in the new middle school it was called Sinaloa
middle school i was going to be in 8th grade. When it was
the first day of school i was nevrous. well when I went to
my pe class it was in the jim. I met a girl she came up to
me and started talking to me. Then it was lunch time and i
didnt know where to go. So she just told me to hang with
her and i did i was kinda shy though. Well till now we are
best friends. We grauated from middle school and now going
to high school. I was so proud for myself. the high school
was called Royal High school i know it sounds weird but
yea. i was there untill 9th grade. 2 years pass and dont
hink i wasent still going to van nuys u still did every
weekends why?? well beacause i assist a chruch over there.
my mom will have to drive up and down from work and she
will be very tired. So my mom told me that she didnt want
to live in simi valley any more!! i told her nooo!! jajaj
i know. cause if i had to move i had to go to a new high
school and make new friends. So we were moving again i was
going to mizz eliz which is the girl that first talk to me
in middle school!! so now i live in van nuys and i still
talk to her in the phone. She started 10th grade now and
me too but in a new high school and the school is called
Panorama HS its bigger than the one in simi vallley
anyways i am going to mizz simi valley!!