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2010-08-29 06:31:40 (UTC)

Full Day

Hey everyone,

As the title of this diary entry states, I had a really
full day today. IT WAS CRAZY!!!!! First off I wake up to my
family wanting to play fantasy football. But first we have
to draft our players. Then I go back to sleep for about
three hours. Then, when I get up I'm crab fishing. Finally,
I polished the day off with a wicked party.

Okay, now to explain:

Fantasy football is this thing that my brother-in-law
started up. It's supposed to be really cool. I personally
don't see the big thrill in people constantly running,
getting tackled, running some more, getting tackled again.
So on so forth. But they like it, so I guess I'll play

Crab fishing was REALLY fun, but out where I live the crab
needs to be 6 inches(15.24 cm) to be legal to harvest. And
for my family, we just grab out the males. The females lay
eggs, so it would be a bad thing if we happened to take one
of the last females. Then there wouldn't be so much crab to
fish out!!!

The party was about trek. Trek is a really big thing in my
religion. Not everywhere does it though. I think that this
is both good and bad. Bad because then people see it as a
requirement and it's not. Good because the people in the
church understand more about what people from our past have
been through. I learned a whole lot about my religion. The
party though, was with a lot of the people who went on
trek. Unfortunately I didn't get to see a lot of the people
I was stuck with for the four days of trek.

Also, I'm not really friends with most of the people there.
They kinda freak me out. I think this is because I'm not
used to having a whole lot of people around me. I'm not
completely anti-social, but I really don't like a whole lot
of people around me, and especially not behind me. But
that's an explination for later. These people though, they
all knew each other. I knew the people who were going to
church at the same time as me. A few of them, however,
weren't on good terms with me.

What really got to me was when one of the young ladies who
I know lost her bottom retainer and I found it. People were
thanking me and congratulating me on finding it when they
couldn't seem to. I just felt really uncomfortable because
all these people are friends with one another and I don't
know the first thing about them.

So that's it for today. TTYL,


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