My life
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2010-08-28 21:01:23 (UTC)

Aftr a long tym!

Hi! I knw m writin 2 u
aftr sch a long tym..
Cz frm d past few days,
i md myself very busy
wid my profesion dat
Smtym v hv 2..

Wel, evythng is goin
well nw a days.. V hd a
reunion last 2 last
wed.. Whr evrybdy came
includng hr..

At my dis off i met
ritesh. My lost clg
frnd nd an integral
part of our grp.. V
spnd whole day 2gthr
rembrng clg days..
Actualy ritesh play
very imp role in my
love story.. Cz he is d
1 who startd all dis..
I stil remebr wen he
cald up me, teling dat
he hs told magie abt my
felings nd hw she
reactd.. Long live
ritesh nd i knw oly he
hs d guts 2 end dis all
4 obv reason i avoid
mtng old frnz cz aftr 1
or 2 topics v all cm 2
same topic... of love..
Poor ritesh, he stil
thnks abt namita.. Bt
he is so confused. Cz
wen she ws wid hm, he
kicked hr out nd nw
wats d point in wishin
hr bk..
Bt ppl lyk hm mk my
sorrow subside.. Cz m
nt d nly stupid lovr..
Ritesh revivd all the
memories of clg, d tym
v spn 2gthr nd d plan v
made 2 gt our love..

Evn thou their is nt
evn a sngl moment wen i
dnt thnk abt hr, bt
discusin it wid sm1 who
ws nce part of it, mk u
live al those moment
nce agn.. I realy miss
those days. At dat tym
i ws totaly myself nd
ech nd evry wrd spokn
by hr sear in my
memories.. Bt evry tym
i rembr dem, it mk me
cry as well.. Cz i've
awdy livd d bttr half
of my lyf.. Nd nw m nly
lft wid tears nd d pain
of bein wid out her..
Jst wishin dat one day
she'l cm up nd say.. Ur
bettr part is stard nw
nly.. I realy want hear
her say dat
"i loved u, i've love
alwaz, nd i 4gv u 4 all
d mistakes u did. So
keep breathin cz m nt
leavin u any more., jst
hold on 2 me nd neva
let me go.."
deres no limit 2 drmz
Bt evrytym i go 2 bed,
she is d last thot cm 2
my mind.. Nd it's gtng
mre painful day by
day.. Deres no easy
way.. It gets harder it
stay.. Plz love me or l
b gone.. Dere mst b a
way via wch i cn gt
her.. God if u cnt mk
hr mine at least shw me
dat way na.. L tk 99
steps, bt at least mk
hr 2 tk 1 plz..

On my knees, i beg u
one nd last chance..

I really want 2 kill
myself.. She is jst
killin me lyk a drug
frm inside.. I cn quit
evry addiction bt nt
her.. Love indeed is d
mst fatal drug..

I cnt jst sit lyk dis..
Bt deres no way... L gt
mad one day.. I cnt
bend in frnt of my
destiny nd start livin
as per it's cndtn.. Wat
wrong hv i done, so dat
m deprived of gtng my
love.. Deres no place 4
ppl lyk me in dis
world.. If it kept on
increasing, one day l
nt b d part of dis
fckng world..

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