2010-08-28 17:33:19 (UTC)


I am overwhelmed right now. I am supposed to start school
this week and I am FREAKING out. I have no self esteem
and am so very scared that I am going to bomb out!! :(

My dear friend Ginny is dying. She has the same cancer
that I did (appendix cancer). She is not expected to make
it. Me and Fran went to see her last Saturday and that
was the last day that she has been able to talk. I'm so
glad that we made it there when we did!!! I wish I could
go back down to visit her but I am starting school.

I found out this week that I am's my own
fault really. I let myself turn into a sloth and that is
what I get for doing so. I have two choices.....let
myself go and not care or change my diet and exercise
habits and it should reverse itself. Part of me doesn't
give a crap. I do want to lose weight though because I
don't like hauling all this around. It's sooo not fun :(

I am hoping that by starting school, I will not have much
time to sit around and dwell on things. I'm praying that
this will be the case!!!

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