How to spend given 90 days
2010-08-28 13:27:13 (UTC)

Day33; Life in Taiwan

Well.... I have not written diary for ten days....
Cause, I am not in Tokyo, but TAIWAN!

Arrived on 24th, and been here already 5 days.
In fact, I ve got bored already here... maybe my mind has
not been well enough to go alone anywhere by myself.
Usually I dont really feel this way.

Most of the foods here can fit my preference,
I like people here,
Taipei has got so many places to visit, which fact is not
supposed to bore me in any way,,,,

But, I kinda feel lonely, and naturally wish if somebody
I like could share this moment with me...

Maybe I am just being too nostargic as I went to see very
beautiful sunset today.

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