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2010-08-28 01:04:16 (UTC)

boys(enough said)

today was okay...for a friday..Jacob went to fair with
Sid(a friend of his..who is a girl), i dont trust her at
all, she gives me dirty looks whenever i'm not around him,
and I fucken hate her !
I ended up missing the bus to go to the other school to
go home, so I decided to spend that time with jacob. When i
got over there, he gives me a big hig, and she walks away.
we make out for about a minute, than leaves me to talk to
sid. I get upset about that so i just leave and wait for my
dad..15 minutes later i get a call from him asking where i
so i told him that he left first and "apologized". not
2 minutes later Rachael, Kriste, Brooke, Jessie, and Shannon
call me saying that he was holding hands with Sid...i
freaked,,broke up with him, and cried myself to
sleep..aparently their "just friends" and holding hands with
eachother was now holding hands with me is just
nothing now?
He calls me crying saying he wasnts me back, he
understands why i am upet about it and now i guess were
My heart loves him 100 and 50 %, but i'm scared he
would really cheat on me, I can;t trust him for a long while
now..its pure luck to get trust from me...):
So now i have no idea what i am going to do about
this..i wish things didnt end up being like this..but if we
end up not staying together, I have another option,,,this
guy Brent, we have every class together, he understands my
past, and like...he makes me feel the same way Jacob makes
me feel...happy..
im just soo confused right now )):