cryptic gurl
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2010-08-27 03:41:05 (UTC)

All the hate

Where to start? so much hate in the world right now. Or has it always been
this way?

we've got racists, sexists, feminist, and so many others probably some I've
never even heard about.

You'd think being in the 21'st century and the educational levels rising
these problems would diminish, lessen, and hopefully disappear.

I hate it when people watch the news or read the paper and they think they
know everything about a certain race/ religion/ group.

I'm a Muslim and I find it very sad that someone who just logged off of
youtube and saw some video about some stupid person claiming he's a
muslim or maybe is a muslim saying something stupid and then goes
around hating on Muslims talking about how stupid/illiterate/ closed
minded they are.

Come on! How many stupid people are there in the world? Answer: lots.
But do we actually listen to what they say (I guess so then I wouldn't be
writing this post) should we take their word for it? use them to represent
every other person out there?

I read a couple of posts from some people who really I mean REALLY hate
Muslims and this one was the most disturbing and I quote:

" If Obama really wants to emulate FDR he should set about rounding up
all the muslimes and put them into detention camps, much as was done to
the Japanese during WW II"

What would happen if a person like this got into the white house? became
president? Another holocaust?

What would happen if they got rid of all Muslims? who would be next? I
don't think it would just stop at the Muslims.

At the same time I'm not a biased person. 9/11 was a horrible thing that
happened! And the hate that came as a result, well I don't totally blame
everyone it's a natural reaction. I blame the news the newspapers and
internet, I blame ignorant people ranting on and on about people they
know squat about. What do you expect from people who don't know
anything about Islam and all they see is terrorism, killings, and threats.
How about all the good stuff? the peaceful things? How come there's know
shows about those things?

It works the other way around too you know, we watch CSI, 90210, ugly
betty and what to we ( here in the east) conclude from all these shows?
That western women/men/teenagers are loose, have sex all the time, don't
give a shit about religion, are into drugs, and only care about money and
looks. Is this how it really is in the States and Europe? Is this how your
communities are really like? I doubt this (hope I'm right) I'm open minded.
Come on it can't be that bad? Just like we in the east don't ride camels (we
have cars mine is a BMW for your INFo.) and we don't live in tents. What
century do you think were stuck in?

I could go on and on as there is so much to talk about, I was just
disgusted with some posts and had to vent. :D

Peace everyone