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2010-08-26 04:14:32 (UTC)

Readers help!! feedback requested!

I have a boyfriend who I have been with for a few months
now. We don't fight we constantly give each other affection,
we have been in one fight and I will admit it was indeed my
If you read some previous entries they deal with my ex
well our fight was over him... my boyfriend gave me the
silent treatment... hard to believe but I've never used it.
It works. I was begging him to forgive me within about 3
hours of it. This was before I had moved in.
Anyway, I need a little advice from my readers. If you
would be so kind as to give me some feedback I would be
quite grateful. SOO here's my query: I am sure that I love
this man. We have been together OFFICIALLY since June. We
were "courting" before that but I moved in, in June.
He tells me all the time :
"bebe, you're so wonderful."
and " you're the best girlfriend ever"
"Babe, you make me so happy!"
He loves to sleep by me and when I can't sleep at night,
neither can he. We go everywhere together and he loves the
way I kiss him and I love how he craves my attention. and so
you may wonder "what's the problem then?"
Well I'm so glad you asked.....how do I tell him I love him?
When is a good time? Should I wait for him? How early is too
early? What if I mess up? What if he doesn't say it back or
says "thank you" or something like that. I know he loves to
be around me and cares deeply for me but I don't know how to
tell him.
I'll be honest I have said it once before to my ex, but he
said it first. I have the urge to tell him.It is on the edge
of every sentence when we talk, when we text, talk on the
phone, or when we are going to bed. I want to tell him. How
am I supposed to go about doing this? I don't want to look
like a fool to him and ruin this and make things awkward.
Then again..maybe if I do tell him and he doesn't feel the
same itwould save me a lot of heartbreak knowing now than
waiting and letting my feelings for him grow while his
don't... I'm so confused. Help me out my faithful readers.


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