miss christina
2010-08-25 06:22:10 (UTC)

lost and confused

i told a girl that i would wait for her till she is ready
to be in a relationship. She never asked me to wait for
her and i know she wont because she thinks that is
shelfish. but also she told me that i cant mess around
with anyone, does that make any sense? why not ask me to
wait but yet tell me i cant mess around with anyone? i
dont mind waitng because i feel like i have a life with
her. but there are sometimes i just get down and i dont
see any hope.. today started out good but has ended
poorly. I dont like fighting and i will agree to disagree.
i am kind of aggressive but i am real laid back. i like to
just have a good time and keep everyone happy. but i have
come to see that i cant scarafice my own happiness just
cuz someone is unhappy. i want to move out of az and start
over with the girl of my dreams. but how do i lay it out
to her that i cant wait forever. that i dont want to just
sit back and let life pass me by. I am trying to be a good
sport about the situation. i really try to keep people
happy but i cant do it much longer. my life is such a mess
rightnow and i cant seem to pull it all together.