miss christina
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2010-08-25 03:48:06 (UTC)

grrrr women

so im serioulsy considerng movin to a different state with
this girl who i was dateing. well today we talked and i
get that she wants me to go with her. But then she got on
me for being friends with her friends and family in utah
on face book. the only reason i am friends with them is
bacause i want to be apart of her whole life not just her
life out here in az. so we fought. i did not think i was
wrong or crossed anyline. she is apart of my whole life.
and knows everyting i do. Me on the other hand.. i thought
things were going well since we talked about moving by
next year. but she told me when the time is right i can be
apart of her whole life. well damn when is the time right?
i was not tryin to rush things or push her in anyway. but
i guess that i have crossed a line by being friends with
her friends and family. i talk to her sister to make a
surprise for her and well that did not work out cuz i
told.. i know dumb. anyway i really love this girl and i
really want to move to be with her.. but i also know that
if i move that does not mean we will be together. so would
it be worth it. i told her i would wait for her and right
now i am. im seeing anyone or anything. i am loyal to her
and only her, i have family in utah and if it dont work
out i can stay with them. i dont want to rush things but
im kinda excited that we talked about it together and now
im in the dog house again. wtf do i do. im so lost