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2010-08-25 01:20:26 (UTC)

August is flying by!

So I don't understand anyone anymore, you get blamed for
the nastiest things. I mean my mother calls my dad and is
like danny is the only one who know shans pin number she
must have taken money of shans, Okay? whatever. If I
wanted to take her money don't you think I would talk all
1000.00 she had in there not 36 bucks or whatever your
getting on with, then it just so happen that mother had
money stolen from here, and just because im the only one
who would do such a horrible thing, i feel like im being
blamed for this as well , like family, grow up ! i have my
own money I dont need yours so eff off .. thank you ..
anywho , im sick as a dog :( , and well dean wouldnt let
me leave work tonight despite the fact that i was like
dying .. ohmy , my life really does suck , then the only
guy i have liked since my last break up , doesnt feel the
same it turns out , ohmyy, i really just wanna crawl in a
hole and die :(