miss christina
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2010-08-24 06:07:18 (UTC)

love and relationships

So I have been in this wierd realtionship for the past
little while, i'd say it has been about 5 months. Well we
broke up and have just remained freinds(not my choice)
Everynow and then we mess around. So I am so totally in
love with this person that I told her I would wait for her
till she is ready to be in a relationship. Well she has
told that she would never ask me to wait for her. But she
told me that I cant mess around with anyone else. IM TRYING
TO understand how she will not ask me to wait but she will
tell me that since I am waiting I can't mess around with
anyone.I do realize that I am makeing the choice to not be
with anyone and wait for her. But at the same time.... she
is thinking about moveing back home. Where would that leave
me? Do i follow her? Or let her go? Im supposed to be
waiting... so do I wait in a diffrent state or in the same
one.Will it seem crazy to go with her? Or do i just follow
my heart and move to? Im kinda stuck on this one. Like I
want her to ask me to go.. but i don't think she ever will.
so I guess I'll just wait.