My Rants
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2010-08-24 04:21:03 (UTC)

Entry #2

Dear Diary,

I've been in CT for about 36 hours and I can't wait to
leave. She keeps telling me how to live my life. I want to
live it my way not hers. She thinks moving to Pensacola is
a bad idea, I don't. It's a wonderful military town and
Emmy lives there. Where else would I want to live? It's
pefect for me because I'd like to marry a military guy one
day. That's the lifestyle I crave. I love moving around
and meeting new people. Not having to really commit to one
place or another for too long.

I applied at ShopRite last night and she doesn't think I
should work there. She wants me to volunteer at the
hospital. Why volunteer when I can make the money I
desperately need with the same time?

She implied that she wouldn't pay for college today. How
am I going to pay for it now? I was counting on that
money. At the very least she could have offered to buy me
a computer for school. She won't even do that. She said
it's unreasonable that I can't use the family one. Five of
us use it. It would be a big help to me if she'd
contribute a little bit. I feel like I can't count on her
for anything. She just tries to change my mind all the
time. I thought I could live here, but I realise now that
there's no way I'd make it through without yelling and/or
crying myself to sleep.

As much as I don't want to live at home, it's the best
thing for me. At least my mom is supportive of me.

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