Your Bestfriend (with benefits)

Deep and Dark
2010-08-23 04:08:44 (UTC)

Me and Jac

Today, I walked over to Jac's house. He lived in my town as
well. so the walk wasnt that far. Although, the heat was
killer this day in particular. Sure enough, a few blocks
into my walk I was sweating like crazy. I finally got to his
house an called him to open the door. The lazy bastard told
me to let myself in through the back gate. I headed straight
for his room, glad to have the air conditioning. Once in the
privacy of his room, i took off my shirt which was stuck to
my back from all the sweat.

He came out of his private bathroom with only his boxers on
and half dripping. "Sorry, man, I was in the middle of a
shower when you called."

"It's all good," I said. I eyed his crotch area and noticed
subtle hints of a hard-on poking through the fabric.

"Ahem." He cleared his throat, embarrassed I noticed. he
rummaged around his dresser drawers for a shirt. "Anyways, I
found this really hot porno with that blonde chick I was
telling you about last week. Here, lemme pull it up." He
dropped the matter of finding a shirt and opened an internet
browser. To no surprise, it was already bookmarked. "Oh

I pulled up a folding chair next to his. While I was
transfixed by the scene, I didnt realize Jac had slid his
hand down his boxers and was helping himself. We made eye
contact unfortunately and instead of taking his hand out of
his pants, he slid the other one into mine.

I felt his thumb play with the head of my cock and the other
four fingers wrapped around the hardening shaft. Needless to
say, I involuntarily twitched when I felt him grab my balls
and roll them around in his hand gently.

For some reason, I wasnt alarmed by what was currently going
on. It felt too good.

I helped him unbutton my jeans and slide them off, but kept
my boxers on. He had no problem with that. Jac began to
stroke my cock slowly up and down as he was still playing
with his. Soon, the movements became progressively faster. I
realized then, I had been holding my breath. As I exhaled, I
let out a moan and came in his hand. The cum seemed to keep
flowing. It was fucking sensational.

After a few more strokes, he pulled his hand out of my
boxers and held my eyes as he licked his fingers.

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