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2010-08-23 02:00:31 (UTC)

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Today me and skylar discussed many things, but i have so any
unanswered questions..
Today we drove to the jail my uncle was staying at, only to
be let down by the guards.
The dreadful phrase "No visitors today" was spewed from her
lips like a dagger to my heart.
I was so angered by this that my outlook on life turned
bitter for a while.
I quickly got over it because i came to the realization that
this was beyond the control of my little 15yr old self.
I began watching titanic, because the story line intrigues
me greatly.
Many people see it as simply a tragic love story, but i
don't feel they realize a deeper meaning.
What i am able to grasp from the movie is that when a once
in a life time happens to you and is taken, it leaves you
with a new outlook on things; But at the same time some
other "once in a life time" chance will happen. The term
once in a life time brings false hope to people. Life's
moments are all precious, because you never know when it
will be stolen from you. Basically to me it seems as though
the movie says make the best of things now, because you want
to say you lived your life as you wanted to.
Now on another note;
Today we drove by a forest.
I noted how the forest seemed as though it was split in
half, one half belong to the living and the other to the dead.
Some invisible line separated both sides.
One side of the forest was luscious and showed many prospers
of life's fruit. The other side simply had all source of
life stripped from it. The trees on the death side were
black and willowing over, where they had once stood tall;
just as the living trees did.
It was astonishing to me how in the blink of an eye you
would quickly miss the living side and go straight to death
or vice versa.
I wondered why whatever happened there choose that one side
instead of burning everything to ash. Why hadn't the trees
been completely burned? why did it seem as tho each burnt
tree held some hidden story.
The road dragged on as i focused my attention back on my movie.
Titanic simply is a great film.
Leonardo Decaprio is eye-catching and an amazing actor.
I question if such love can ever be really found though..
I do not want to set myself up for false hope, nor do i wish
to toss the possibility away.
I will take it neither way.
Refusing to focus on the positive or the negative i choose
to be more realistic.
Realistically taking days as they come.
To me this is the best way to live.
Ready to handle anything life could toss at you,good or bad.
Endless possibilities await wherever you turn.
One day i wish to write novels so inspiring that they may be
produced into films like the titanic.
I also would love to go live in England.
I will do as i please, against all odds.
Nothing has ever stopped anyone from doing what they want
but themselves.

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