Paris Life
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2010-08-22 07:08:42 (UTC)

What a day

Hey diary, Jon was still running a fever today but says he
is feeling better. Mom, Dad, Angela, and Kayla come up to
visit. they took me out for lunch. John and some friends
came up also to see jonny they did not stay long. Terry took
me to see The other guys it was a good movie. He kept my
dirty cloths to wash. That was sweet of him. He is not the
same guy I once knew. I almost can see me waking up each
morning to him. But not sure I was there once and don't want
to read anything into us till I know what is for sure. I had
a real wonderful dream about him and did not want to wake up
from it. Been a long time since i dreamed like that. I sent
him a few question I found trying to get to know him more
and he always seems to surprise me with some of the answer
and remembering what answer I gave to the same questions. I
don't think he ever really listens to me before when we
dated. I like the new Terry. He is also still as sexy as he
ever was. Well it late and I am trying to dose off. talk later