The Real Me
2010-08-22 01:03:29 (UTC)

Being me from the dirt (In the mood for a poem)

Being me doesnt come easy
Growing up in poverty
Had nobody to ever turn to
So what I am now, i did it on my own
yea i want ya'll to know where im from.
Remember the days where I felt so cold
Money so tight I couldnt travel.
Staring into shop windows wanting it all
Looking at other peoples facebooks envying
Yea cant emphasise enough, my background
From the lowest of the dirt
Thats where im rising from
I came here with nothing, no help from blood
Now Im aiming for everything and godamn its so hard
But can anything be harder then playing in filth
Not having anyone to turn to?
Sitting in the dark while you argued and fought
I couldnt stand up for myself, who did I have that
Not like I had a name and even if I did, a drunkard.
So fuck you all that want in on my life now
Fuck trying to be my support
Fuck you wanting to give me fake love
I learnt the hard way, just not to ever trust
I expect the worst yet I will treat you like my God.
I dont give a shit no more coz I know ima make it to the
My lifes been fuking hard, I aint ever complained.
I kept it all hidden in my heart, a pain that ached.
From being invisible and being nobody
To days where I starved coz we had no money
LOL how you people cant even see how fake I am
But I dont blame you, coz ya'll had it better than me.
So everyday I roll in, like ima perfect princess
with a rich daddy
Little do you know, I scraped for every penny.
And daddy never left anything after he went in his grave.
The only Love I ever saw was a punch across the face
And dragging me across the floorboards
Covered in blood, yeah that was my life.
But I have pink walls and a bed canopy, with heart covers
that say "my little pony"
So today world I want you to know it doesnt come easy
It never did for me anyway
So if you never walked my shoes even then I allow you to
judge me.
But judge me from only what I show you
Coz none of you know the real me.
Ha, Im a "pwincess", now im laughing at me too.