crappy life
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2010-08-21 12:42:39 (UTC)

what is this i'm [email protected][email protected]

i have this friends which i have only known for how
many months...we met to our common friend and since then
became friends first i didn't like her that
much...may be because i though we couldn't get along.. but
we my new friend( lets call her o) and common
friend(lets call her j) always chat on facebook... we goof
around there have a great always turn my day
around talking to this girls.. after a few months we didn't
just chat but now called each was really funny
because me and my friend(j) would take turns calling her...
good thing she was not annoyed with us....

now i find myself always calling O on the phone....
its crazy...i think i'm addicted to her....she makes me
smile and laugh.... she is the only person that makes me do
things that no one can ever do....shit what a fucking crazy
feeling....last night i call we talk for hours...i didn't
even notice that it was 5 am in the we decided
to go to we bid our farewell on the phone...she
said good night...sweet dreamz and love you at the last...
i don't know if i was so sleepy and imagine her say that or
she did say that...i was shocked and i did not know what to
say.. there was a long period of heart was
palpitating... this was new to me because we don't say those
words when saying good night to each other...and on the
other hand...she said i love twice....

WTF....i don't know what to feel....all i know is
that i really like her....