Dick's Story
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2010-08-20 10:30:10 (UTC)


rode the early sprinter today. no tolu pickup. talked to
jay. rwp meeting 0830-0900. helped paul write shopping
cart for 7720 and 7725 level transmitters. ordered spa
lift and hold down clips. julie and kids arrived last
night. had lunch with paul. marked no paint zones on
compactor covers. made (2) trips to pep boys for lug
nuts. ray stone will mount wheels tonight.
Your invoice number for this order is HTW445304.
Please retain this invoice number for reference
1 (CHCV250) Cover Valet
$179.99 $179.99
* Weight: 19.00 lb each
* Option: Size is Less than 90"
1 (SCSCLIP) Spa Cover Strap Clips
$12.99 $12.99
* Weight: 0.50 lb each
Total Shipment Weight: 19.50 lb
Tax $15.92
Total: $208.90
Order placed at: Fri Aug 20 11:03:55 2010
went to mike thomas' condo to pick up rope lites.