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2010-08-19 09:48:09 (UTC)


Dear Diary its 5:20

well im at A's shes a wierd person well anyways i love sage
wat do i tell him well i sent him a im so fuccin tired of
lif man y do i hav to be in this fuccin situation i mean
man i hate olivia this is her fault every guy i liked she
always went out wif them wtf can i do i mean lord give me a
blessing cuz love him lol..i need sage to understand dat i
reely love him mor than anything in my whole world i wonder
if i mean anything to him maybe not but i want to be wif
him so bad i want to be able to call him mi boo agian cuz i
want him to love me lik i love him he wanted me to call him
but i 4got his number or i would be on the phone wif him
all day cuz i love him lik dat if i had to i would carry
his baby i meen wat mor can i do juss to get this one guy i
meen we fuccin loved him an he told me that he loved me bak
but i guess he was reely tlkin to liv well u know wat has
liv seen his dick??? has she seen his ass??? i ddnt think
so fucc off bitch hes mine well fuccin nvm cuz u got him
from me cuz ur fuccin ugly stupid ass i hate you i hate you
u stupid bitch u can ruin ur fuccin cuzins lif lik dat cuz
ur a big stupid bitch i wouldnt do dat to u i hate u dnt
fuccin cum bak to my house cuz ur a fuccin back stabin
bitch you would fucc any guy wouldnt you even if was ur
cuzins hubby cuz ur a skank hoe bitch u cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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