Experienced Life
2010-08-18 22:05:25 (UTC)

Welcome to my hell

Well, Ex has a choice to make. She's running out of time.
Funny how she says she is a good Mom and keeps having to
remind me of it. I tell her that words mean shit! Action
speaks louder than words. How true whomever came up with
that quote.

Here is what's up. School is starting soon for the 5 and 7
yr old. I enrolled them in the school that Ex agreed on. I
rented a 4 bedroom home a mile away from the school. I also
have both kids enrolled in an after-school program because
we both work and in case the deadbeamhvbt 19yr old girl
wants to play house with her boyfriend and abandon having to
help with the kids. I have it all set up. I can be there for
the kids as little or as much as ex wants. I set it all up.
Took care of all the paperwork. Believe me, it's not easy
finding a place and enrolling kids in a school when you
don't even have the place rented out yet. I did it. Got the
paperwork from the utility company to prove that although I
haven't spent one day at the new home yet, I am going to be
paying utilities there. This is just one of a few docs you
need to enroll you kids to school.

Like I said, I set it all up. Sounds easy enough but
Noooooo, my psycho ex is now not sure she wants to take them
to that school. She didn't transfer them to another school
yet mind you. I also have a home that is larger than I need
but just got it for the kids and it's a one year lease too.
Still all that shit means nada to her. All that effort and
she now may just change her mind on the whim. Mother
Effer!!!! WTF do I do? You just can't win I tell you. Who
really suffers? The kids. Who knows this? No one except for me.

Yet, I know that I wll be told how a good Mom she is.
Welcome to my hell!!!

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